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Jerusalem International Dance Week 

We wish to thank the following individuals and organizations:


Nurit Tinari, Anat Gilead and Aviya Wagschal of the Cultural Diplomacy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Jerusalem Municipality

The Ministry of Culture 

Nathan Cummings Foundation

Ruth Cummings

Dr. Ellen Lippman and Steve “Rosy” Rosenberg

Ruth Diskin- The Jerusalem Foundation

Rachel Erdos

Vojtêch Brtnický

Special thanks to Sagit Klapholtz.


Thanks to the Machol Shalem Association Members:

Board: Chairman, Eytan Ronel

Dafna Efron, Sigalit Gelfand

Rosy (Steve Rosenberg), Roee Metzer, Talia Perlstein, Sharone Tucker

Audit Committee: Attorney Betty Nulman, Attorney Naomi Vestfrid

CEO and Founder: Ruby Edelman

Artistic Direction and Founder: Ofra Idel 

International Coordinator & Production Management: Gabby Foster / Talia Vaknine

Marketing and community relations Manager: Amy Fain

Technical Management: Yan Ardashnikov

Production assistant : Calanit Epstein  

Graphic Design: Shift Designer

Website: Best Site

CPA: Haim Wurmbrand CPA

Legal Advice: TAL, KADARI, SHAMIR & Co.. Law Offices

In the 10th year of Jerusalem International Dance Week events, we present the Showcase program and MASH Dance Festival in a festive and exciting format.

As part of the Showcase events, sixteen artists will present dance works to dozens of international directors of dance centers, festivals, and other international programs. Alongside the shows, there will be pitch events, tours, and a presentation of Israeli initiatives for promoting local artists with the aim of encouraging collaborations.

The Jerusalem Dance Showcase is in collaboration with the Cultural Diplomacy Bureau of the Foreign Ministry.


MASH Dance Festival will host the 8th Jerusalem International Choreography Competition, featuring ten unique works by up and coming creators from across the globe, at the end of which monetary prizes and invitations to various platforms abroad will be awarded by an international artistic committee. It will also unveil six Israeli premieres curated and artistically accompanied by the talented Rachel Erdos. 


The new premiere works were selected by an advisory committee including Iris Erez, Rachel Erdos, Ofra Idel, Ruby Edelman, Einav Katan-Schmid, and Matan David. 

The festival events are open to the general public. 

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